• What’s required to book a session?
  • How long will it take for my images to be delivered?
  • We see that you are based in Orillia, but do you travel?
  • Do you have a studio?
  • What do your personal brand services provide?
  • I’m nervous and not photogenic, what do you suggest?
  • How soon can sessions be booked?
  • How much time typically does a personal brand session take?
  • Do I get all my photos? And the unedited ones?
  • Will you watermark the images?
  • We want to book your services; how do we do that?

All sessions require a 50% deposit paid before the session, which comes off the total amount of your session.

On average to edit all the images it will be within 7 to10 days.

Yes, for sure! We love to. We work with business owners all over Simcoe County. For travel elsewhere, contact us for a custom quote.

No, we currently do not have a studio. We prefer to take your photo images at your work, location. We will take images of any product if you wish in our home office.

An in-person consultation where we discuss how you want to portray your business and orientation around the workspace (if applicable). Showcase your business with you or your employees. In this way your customers see what you or your employees do. If you wish we will take photographs of what you do on your spare time. What makes you human. We will photograph you in a candid and fun way! Branded images showcasing your product or service that you can use any day of the week for your social media. We will create amazing content of your products and guide you, so you look amazing too. Full editing of the image to ensure it reflects the best version of you and your business. Headshots are hand edited to look polished and professional.

Trust us when we say there’s nothing to be nervous about. Our style is to document your natural emotions and presence. We do this through some prompts that will allow you to be yourself and relaxed.

Booking the sooner the better to ensure your preferred date is available. We have booked sessions with business owners within just a couple weeks, but some have had to be scheduled later due to non availability. We also understand your busy schedule and time you need to prepare employees, workspace and so on. We work with you to get the date that works for all.

There’s a lot to this question, and it depends on how simple or complex your requirements are and the size of your organisation. We are always happy to discuss timelines with you and help you plan your day. The session may have to be split into a few time slots over more than one day, or it may be a few hours to take some images of your product

No – and you wouldn’t want them! We go through all the photos and make sure we tell your story in the best way possible. We don’t give out unedited photos simply because that’s not a representation of our work. Just as you wouldn’t go to a restaurant and ask for all the ingredients in a meal and go home with it.

No. I will send you “proofs” of the images after they are edited for you to choose what ones you would like. They will have my company name on them. Once proofs are chosen, I send the original digital copies to you with no wording on them.

Thank you for your trust! That is awesome!

Write to me from the contact page on this website, email me at Idreamoftrees2@gmail.com or call me at (705) 309-7816. As easy as that!